Tis a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done before.

I start the end of a 4 month sabatical from my blog with a quote from Dickens ‘A tale of two Cites’ which depics life right now quite well.

The reason for my absence in writing is a huge blow of depression. That has stemmed from being utterly miserable in my new job. It had and still does have some promise. I have found a number of things difficult; the culture, some people and some of the tasks I am required to complete within my role. But I am more optimistic than I have been in a long time.

I have a plan.

There are a few things that have contributed to my new motivation, one of them is improving my organisation skills.
In my current role I manage diaries, I juggle a variety of projects, emails, phone calls. I preverbly have ‘several plates in the air’ constantly. It is the sheer amount of work that has led to sleepless nights, pangs of fear and crying moments. But all is not lost. I realised that if I am SUPER organised then the work will get done. The stress is being created by myself. So I’ve made a pact to dedicate time each day to filing, tidying and making a list for the next day. My prioritisation seems to work as I haven’t been pulled up on much. There is one person who tells me each day I have done something wrong…but they don’t tell me how to fix it. At first this upset me, then angered me. Then maybe I thought that even though their aim may be to make me look and feel (it works!) a bit stupid, if I figure out how to complete things myself I will learn more.

I have also extended being organised to my personal life. Being an adult working full time, having to clean a house, maintain a garden and feed myself, a partner, two cats and a dog is bloody hard work! Now throw socialising with people you care about into the mix and you’ve got a full time job on top of the one you have to pay the bills.
Thing is, if I ‘block out’ time to complete social events and chip away at the housework each day it’s really not so bad, and its great for the stress levels, they melt away.

Yesterday I blocked out some time* to take a friend for a scarf making workshop, at Stitch Studio in Ramsbottom. It was her birthday treat and we had lots of fun. Needless to say I am already planning more scarves to make…look out ladies for xmas!

Pinning happily

Pinning happily


http://www.makeitstitch.com/ Check it out, they sell fabrics online too.

The final thing I want to share is a blog I have been reading and actually what prompted this blog post. That is a guy I found through watching his TED talk on YouTube. His name is Scott Dinsmore and he spends his life helping people make a career from their passion. His posts have inspired me to self-educate, rethink situations, start to plan a career down a path that I forge and blog more! Check out his work here: http://liveyourlegend.net/

It’s Sunday morning and once I’ve plowed through my emails I think I’ll go for a run…some endorphins should help me to complete tasks for today. Until next time, bye for now.
Boxfox XOXO

*Oh god, how corporate.


A happy weekend, days 9, 10, 11 & 12.

Something strange has happened, well I noticed that not making that extra effort to post a daily happy post made me focus on the sad things and so prevented me from updating on this project. Friday: Friday like Thursday was particularly hard for me. See I have ongoing health problems that are currently being assessed by drs..although at present I’m on a waiting lists until July to see a consultant. So it was difficult because I was super tired. I’d slept right through the night, and at 10am in the morning, 2hrs into my 7.5hr shift I was exhausted. I’m currently anaemic, this is due to my illness which is yet to be diNoosed. It leads to me being super tired, having palpitations and recurring neuropathy. The good thing though was that the Pashley bicycle catalogue I ordered arrived. It was glossy and slinky and I like at least 3 designs of the bikes,my favourite being the poppy. I hope to purchase one when I’m better and ride to work on it. Saturday: On this day two happy things happened, firstly I had my haircut…and got to tell my hairdresser show been gouding me for yesrs about it that I’m engaged. She was so happy, and then so was I. It was also the annual Eurovision song contest. My lovely friend Jayne hosted this year and did a fine job. Here’s a PIC we tweeted: 1399796721751       Go Austria!! On Sunday I was super tired again I actually had a midday nap which isn’t like me. My happy thing I guess was that for the past two weeks I’ve been constantly keeping on top of the cleaning of the house. Which means that now it takes 10mins to clean a room rather than spending all weekend cleaning when we should be having fun! Monday: Today i arrived at my usual side st parking spot to find it coned off!! After speaking to a workman, the council awere resurfacing the whole road. My happy thing lay around the corner…for I have found a free car park! Woop!! A rare thing indeed. And so when you’re not feeling well, its easy to dwell on the bad things. But II’ll continue to find the good, see you tomorrow.

100 happy days, day 7

On my 7th happy day, I returned to work to find a bunch of flowers and a card on my desk, from my boss. I’ve not worked in my current position for very long, but I’ve already had cards and gifts galore for my birthday, engagement and even Easter. Its also truely epic that everyone in my new office is super nice, there’s not one miserable person…it makes working full time much more bearable! Flowers and appreciation make me very happy! What’s your favourite flower? IMG_20140507_221518