About Me


Born in Liverpool, 1984 I have lived on the Wirral, near Wigan, Manchester and up until recently was residing in Ramsbottom. Which is a small town north of Bury, Greater Manchester. At present I’m living be Stockport and looking for our next family home.

I’m married with a wonderful husband, newborn Elliott, a dog named Holly and a cat called Nigel.

I’m a creative and a polymath. I enjoy a range of hobbies including, singing, playing piano, sewing, baking, cooking, gardening, home improvements and decorating. Socialising, shopping and pop culture. I enjoy a wide range of world cinema, in particular 1920’s black and white musicals featuring Judy Garland and animation. My bias is towards Disney, Pixar and Studio Ghibli.

When I’ve not submerged in something artistic I enjoy the company of others and strive to help people. I work for the NHS in a supportive role. I hope to attend University in the future to qualify as a occupational therapist and maybe later as a music therapist.

I enjoy writing and this blog is my outlet. As with all polymath’s I struggle to stay focused and meet my own deadlines. Therefore, my posts are few and far between, but hopefully come with substance.

Although not a technophobe, I do enjoy methods of communication gone by. Nothing thrills me more than a handwritten letter that has traveled by land and sea and is just for me.

Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and join in. I enjoy a healthy discussion or debate and love to connect with others.



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