#100happy days day #3 Smooth Criminals

Today we made smoothies. As the sun is shining (in England, I know shocking!) we decided to make the most of it and walk into the village. Every Saturday there is a fresh fruit n veg stall on a small market.We got some mangoes, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, some fruit juice and low fat Greek yogurt.

I found this recipe on Pinterest: mango banana coconut smoothie, mango smoothie, healthy smoothie recipe, vegan smoothie recipe, smoot… – http://pinterest.com/pin/37014028162399145/?utm_source=android_share


We tweeked it a little as we found the banana was overpowering so we added another mango, some more honey and another 3 tablespoons of descinated coconut. Mmm it was yummy! Healthy treat at 0.75p per glass and a big step towards our 5 a day fruit n veg.

What did you eat today or recently that was yummy and healthy?