100happydays day 13, Youth

Yesterday I bought new shoes. Some tiny boots, I’ve wanted that sortof style for ages.
I don’t know how, I spent the day in pain, then went home, got into my PJ’s and did nothing.

Today I went for a run, cooked a veggie curry
and watched a new TC programme, orphan black. Not terribly exciting but at least I have my youth.

A happy weekend, days 9, 10, 11 & 12.

Something strange has happened, well I noticed that not making that extra effort to post a daily happy post made me focus on the sad things and so prevented me from updating on this project. Friday: Friday like Thursday was particularly hard for me. See I have ongoing health problems that are currently being assessed by drs..although at present I’m on a waiting lists until July to see a consultant. So it was difficult because I was super tired. I’d slept right through the night, and at 10am in the morning, 2hrs into my 7.5hr shift I was exhausted. I’m currently anaemic, this is due to my illness which is yet to be diNoosed. It leads to me being super tired, having palpitations and recurring neuropathy. The good thing though was that the Pashley bicycle catalogue I ordered arrived. It was glossy and slinky and I like at least 3 designs of the bikes,my favourite being the poppy. I hope to purchase one when I’m better and ride to work on it. Saturday: On this day two happy things happened, firstly I had my haircut…and got to tell my hairdresser show been gouding me for yesrs about it that I’m engaged. She was so happy, and then so was I. It was also the annual Eurovision song contest. My lovely friend Jayne hosted this year and did a fine job. Here’s a PIC we tweeted: 1399796721751       Go Austria!! On Sunday I was super tired again I actually had a midday nap which isn’t like me. My happy thing I guess was that for the past two weeks I’ve been constantly keeping on top of the cleaning of the house. Which means that now it takes 10mins to clean a room rather than spending all weekend cleaning when we should be having fun! Monday: Today i arrived at my usual side st parking spot to find it coned off!! After speaking to a workman, the council awere resurfacing the whole road. My happy thing lay around the corner…for I have found a free car park! Woop!! A rare thing indeed. And so when you’re not feeling well, its easy to dwell on the bad things. But II’ll continue to find the good, see you tomorrow.

100 Happy Days, A song for day #8

So my happy thing for today is actually an artist. His name is Julien and he is a very talented and very nice gentleman from France. I’ve been following and watching his YouTube videos for a few years now and no matter what he sings it always cheers me up and makes me happy!

Recently I found out about his patreon page. I’m not sure how long this has been going for as a site, but basically it allows independent artists to ask for pledges to support their ongoing work.

You can find Julien’s page here: http://www.patreon.com/trudbol

It was a no brainer for me. For the same amount of money it would cost for a serious tea/coffee addiction I get his sweet voice straight into my inbox 🙂

I should say a bit about Julien or Trudbol’s music. He sings a capella, which is in a barbershop style and he does the vocals, editing, lighting, everything! himself. Link to a capella: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_cappella

I got round to reading through my emails and found his most recent submission which as always is brilliant. I think, well I know the reason why I love his music so is because he inspires me. Unfortunately due to ongoing health issues I can’t commit to choir at the moment. I would love to start doing a capella myself. Every time I see him singing I want to join in too! But you can’t just go on YouTube hans solo, you need to put in the work. Go on audacity and get your vocals synced and then edit a video to accompany your voice.

I hope one day I will find the courage to join him. For now though, please go and enjoy his sound and if you love this artform just as much as me then go fund it too!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW0k6P2lclU this is one of my favorites. 

p.s I should note that although Trudbol introduced me to this genre and subculture on YouTube there are many other singers a capella on there. Another favorite of mine is a gent from Canada called Danny Fong, you can find him here: https://www.youtube.com/user/daniscool99

100 happy days, day 7

On my 7th happy day, I returned to work to find a bunch of flowers and a card on my desk, from my boss. I’ve not worked in my current position for very long, but I’ve already had cards and gifts galore for my birthday, engagement and even Easter. Its also truely epic that everyone in my new office is super nice, there’s not one miserable person…it makes working full time much more bearable! Flowers and appreciation make me very happy! What’s your favourite flower? IMG_20140507_221518

#100happy days day 4 (a day late, im only human)

So on my 4th happy day, which also had to be may THE fourth (international star wars day) we went to IKEA and got some frames for some of my Uncles art work, Kevin Hogan. http://www.fluxmix.con

He lives and works in the states and now we have a piece of him here.

After our Swedish visit we went to see the in laws. Dave’s sister and brother are home, they both live abroad. We had a traditional Sunday roast and spent the day playing with our 1yr old niece who is a whirling dervish and never stops!! That along with an episode of one born every minute, I think  we’ve successful delayed childbirth for a few more years.

When we got home I was going to try making some homemade hot chocolate from a recipe in a watrose magazine I swiped from the mil. But alas I had only fondant icing in the cupboard, no royal…boo.


So day four was for Family.



#100happy days day #3 Smooth Criminals

Today we made smoothies. As the sun is shining (in England, I know shocking!) we decided to make the most of it and walk into the village. Every Saturday there is a fresh fruit n veg stall on a small market.We got some mangoes, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, some fruit juice and low fat Greek yogurt.

I found this recipe on Pinterest: mango banana coconut smoothie, mango smoothie, healthy smoothie recipe, vegan smoothie recipe, smoot… – http://pinterest.com/pin/37014028162399145/?utm_source=android_share


We tweeked it a little as we found the banana was overpowering so we added another mango, some more honey and another 3 tablespoons of descinated coconut. Mmm it was yummy! Healthy treat at 0.75p per glass and a big step towards our 5 a day fruit n veg.

What did you eat today or recently that was yummy and healthy?

#100happy days day #2, circuses

Tonight I was going to watch Disneys Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but even though its new and still in its wrap, it seems to have gone arry. No matter, I pulled out ‘water for elephants’ instead.


I’m a sucker for romance and this film is moulin rouge in America. (the amazing Christopher Waltz does help!)

I love the notion of an old fashioned circus. I think its the mystery and glamour they held. Part of me feels terrible for feeling that way. You see I’m an animal activist and the way the animals were and still are treated today is awful.

Animal welfare aside, theres just something about an old fashioned organ playing that song we all associate with a circus.

Jolly people ,strange people, happy people. No ones down at a circus, least not on the stage.

I spent my childhood watching Judy Garland, Gene Kelly and the like dancing and singing away. The talent was just breathtaking and something that is in extreme rarity these days. Circus performers were no different.

The lights, the colours, the popcorn and the idea that this magical place would entertain you, take you in and then disappear, truely is magical.

I dreamt of making it to the stage too, completing qualifications in performing arts, but that dream is gone now. Maybe in the next few months the circus and the wonderful films created around their history will inspire some creativity. Right now though after a week of hard work I’m going to indulge in the relationships of the characters and cinematography at its best.