The IBS 25th Anniversary Conference 16th April 2016

As I continue on my journey with my dodgy bowels. I was informed a few months back via Facebook of an IBS conference, in Sheffield (commutable). So we went.

It was held at the Victoria Holiday Inn and the whole day was free!! We initially paid for parking and when David went to reception for change to top up the meter he was told no charge and refunded what we’d paid, winner.

Upon entering, there was a sign in area where all the name badges for people who had registered were laid out. It was a beautiful sea of the charities blue and white colours, alongside some very cheery volunteers who were coordinating the day alongside the CEO! A lady who was constantly buzzing around, keeping everyone on track, the CEO of the charity, the free magazine later revealed.

So we entered the foyer laden with a nice goodie bag. The foyer was set out with various traders, mostly pharmaceutical and some gluten free, dairy free product makers too.

One in particular was Delicious Alchemy. Who make gf and df cake and bread mixes. Based in Sheffield they are just starting out on the bigger market, but definitely one to watch as their products are amazing! Very tasty and egg free too? They substitute eggs, milk and oil for mashed potato! I would have never thought about doing that, clever squirrels.


I made my way round and spoke to a few different reps. I was provided with 4 months supply of probiotics, copious amounts of pens, stress balls, mints and product info about other companies. Oh and the best thing in the world for someone with bowel troubles….a Bristol stool chart magnet! That went straight on the fridge.


After a cup of decaff tea we headed for the auditorium where we sat down ready for the talks.

Next stop: Part 2: Lectures and (free) Lunch.


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