Change of direction

So after months of silently deliberating a point of focus for this blog I have finally found one. I have always wanted to include the subject of creativity within this blog. How it is formed, why some people can access it more frequently and easily than others and how my creativity manifests on a regular basis.

Throughout my twenties I have spent a considerable amount of time searching for the right choice. The right career, the right job and most importantly the right path.

However in doing so I have greatly neglected my right sided brain, the creative parts of my being and made myself miserable, time and time again.

This blog will document and illustrate my journey to complete the many unfinished projects I have surrounding me at present. Which will require me to step into the past and question my decisions. It should help me to organise my present and retain the focus I need to live in the now and to practise mindfulness, something I have been doing for the past two weeks with great results. Finally it will guide my way into the future and objects I may create or places I may go to seek out new skills and new challenges.

I aim to share my progress with each project I attempt to complete, whilst reflecting on the practise and process. I also hope to improve on the greatest unfinished project I have, myself.



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