Day 1 low FODMAPS diet

So it’s coming to the end of day 1. How did I do?

Well I had to make a trip to Tesco on the way to work for some breakfast. I bought some Tesco own brand oat porridge cereal which is gluten free! Only contains oats and fortified with vitamins, score!

I had this with some lactofree milk. It was ok texture wise but a bit bland. I’m going to try it with cinnamon tomorrow.

Next lunch.

For lunch I had a sandwich with Genius gluten free brown bread, the filling was Tesco’s ‘cheddar style’ spread. Tastes like a weird cheese, is actually made from coconut and potato starch..mmm.

I think I would struggle a lot more on this diet if I had to start from scratch. But since I’ve spent considerable amounts of time on both gluten and lactose free diets, I know a lot of what to avoid in those categories. I can also have crisps *wipes sweat from brow* only plain flavours though which I can live with. So my accompaniment was some Walkers French Fries also 78kcals per pack, woop!

I had de caff tea and water throughout the day.

Tea was quick as the OH had to go to his fortnightly pub meeting to talk geekery (IT stuff) so I found this recipe on Love Food, Hate Waste:

I omitted the black olive stuff, topped with cheese and a bit of black pepper. I cooked some boiled rice on the side which I flavoured with lemon juice. OH loved it! And also commented that we’d had a meat free Monday meal…oh yeah, double score! He’s agreed to eat low fodmap dinners with me so long as he can have whatever he wants for breakfast and lunch. Which is fine by me and means a lot that he would support me. As much as I know a lot about nutrition and food, it’s still going to be really difficult. Especially when it’s my birthday and favourite holiday…Easter.

I’ve decided were having Easter late this year. Hot crossed buns, chocolate, flowers and champagne (tummy willing) will be had once we’ve passed the reintroduction stage.

I feel full and I haven’t experienced any pain* or bloating all day which is a bonus. *except totm pain, Mother Nature sure has her timing right!

I’m also super tired. I have been trying to eat little and often lately as I have slumps a couple of hours after eating. However today after a memory lapse early morning (not like me at all) I had no fodmap friendly snacks to gobble on. So snackless I’ve managed without but combined with 30mins on the wii fit and washing my hair, I am r e a d y for bed.

Not before I create a new board on Pinterest to house all the yummy recipes I’m going to find *crosses fingers.

Also I found some Udis gluten free & dairy free Cinnamon & Raisin bagels half price. So I bought two packs. I’m thinking I can have them as breakfast toasted or as a mid morning snack with some sort of spread. The look, the smell…it’s super exciting!

Any snack suggests would be appreciated. Until tomorrow, Adiós. x



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