#100happy days day 4 (a day late, im only human)

So on my 4th happy day, which also had to be may THE fourth (international star wars day) we went to IKEA and got some frames for some of my Uncles art work, Kevin Hogan. http://www.fluxmix.con

He lives and works in the states and now we have a piece of him here.

After our Swedish visit we went to see the in laws. Dave’s sister and brother are home, they both live abroad. We had a traditional Sunday roast and spent the day playing with our 1yr old niece who is a whirling dervish and never stops!! That along with an episode of one born every minute, I think  we’ve successful delayed childbirth for a few more years.

When we got home I was going to try making some homemade hot chocolate from a recipe in a watrose magazine I swiped from the mil. But alas I had only fondant icing in the cupboard, no royal…boo.


So day four was for Family.




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