#100happy days day #2, circuses

Tonight I was going to watch Disneys Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but even though its new and still in its wrap, it seems to have gone arry. No matter, I pulled out ‘water for elephants’ instead.


I’m a sucker for romance and this film is moulin rouge in America. (the amazing Christopher Waltz does help!)

I love the notion of an old fashioned circus. I think its the mystery and glamour they held. Part of me feels terrible for feeling that way. You see I’m an animal activist and the way the animals were and still are treated today is awful.

Animal welfare aside, theres just something about an old fashioned organ playing that song we all associate with a circus.

Jolly people ,strange people, happy people. No ones down at a circus, least not on the stage.

I spent my childhood watching Judy Garland, Gene Kelly and the like dancing and singing away. The talent was just breathtaking and something that is in extreme rarity these days. Circus performers were no different.

The lights, the colours, the popcorn and the idea that this magical place would entertain you, take you in and then disappear, truely is magical.

I dreamt of making it to the stage too, completing qualifications in performing arts, but that dream is gone now. Maybe in the next few months the circus and the wonderful films created around their history will inspire some creativity. Right now though after a week of hard work I’m going to indulge in the relationships of the characters and cinematography at its best.





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