New Opportunties lead to new paths

So, it’s been a while since I last blogged. I originally set myself a target to blog once a week, but that’s not happened. Some of it is down to procrastination, but mostly down to a lot of change recently.

Back in late 2013 I applied for a new role and didn’t hear anything so put it to bed.Then poof! in January I had an interview that honestly I thought I’d flunked because there was a test before the actual interview. I made my way to the correct floor and was quickly shown to the testing ‘desk’ and left to it. No introductions and the person who had set me up with the test was having half a conversation with another colleague so her lack of focus on letting me settle in was quite daunting.

Nevertheless the interview went well, and 6 weeks later I’m two weeks from leaving my job of 3yrs and 3months. It’s very strange but also quite sad. I do love my job but with no progression opportunities at all its time to hang up my hat, say goodbye to clinical work and hello to a whole different stream. On the whole the reaction has been pleasant, my senior team members have wished me well and given me hugs. While the general reaction has been ”you can’t leave! How will we cope?!?!”.

With that in mind I’ve been going through a check list and will continue to do so until I leave, finishing all the projects I’ve started or been involved in. I want there to be nothing left unfinished and some sort of contingency for my colleagues until my replacement is found.


”You’re damm right I do!”

My plan right now is to get as much experience I can in my new role so I can apply for a higher band and continue on my journey should I be successful. I’ve enrolled on a long distance microsoft office course which I will continue with. I’m also going to do some futurelearn courses which are free university level courses, making education more accessible to the masses. It’s great! and I love to learn so no excuses.

When I’ve not been beavering away at work I’ve  been doing some much needed socialising, which is part of my new years resolutions to engage.

I’ve also had some new experiences, yesterday was my first visit to a spa. It was an xmas gift from my partner and I had a great day catching up with a great friend.

I’ve also been trying to keep fit, but running in storms is tricky. I hope to continue running as and when able but my passion is riding. I’m looking into finding a stable nearby where I can go riding once a week as it is cardio and works a lot of muscles. My partner and I are also looking into joining a yoga or pilates group. Both to get fit and also as a method of relaxation.

To coincide with this I’ve set us a challenge of making a month’s worth of menus, that means planning our meals for every night we are at home. We’ll use up most of what we can from our cupboards and buy as little extra as were able. It’s going to be a tight month financially so not only will we benefit in the pocket but we both love our food and cooking, so hopefully trying new dishes will be an added culinary blessing.

I’ve also spent some time with family. Last Sunday I spent on a canal boat in Wales. We have some American family coming over in April and as part of the celebrations (we have a lot of birthdays and we all love easter too) were spending the day on the same canals. We had great fun peering over the aqueduct with my cousin, freaking my Aunt out. She’d made broccoli soup and chilli. I made some gingerbread cake with lemon frosting for the occasion and we drank lots of tea!


Me and my Cousin Emma on a Boat


So what lies ahead for the next six weeks? Well i’ll be settling into a new role which won’t involve patient contact. Something which has been the bulk of my jobs over the last five years. I’m looking forward to the challenge of being much more organised at work, I currently run the team I work in administratively with military precision! Another person has been hired part time, so it will be nice to have someone to work with and bounce ideas off. Mainly I’m looking forward to that ‘starting anew’ feeling.

It’s a neverending process of sorting through the house and I plan to combine my new freshness at work with a continued effort at home to become super organised. This means being ruthless with de cluttering, making sure we have a deep spring clean and creating a number of items to help me like notice boards, calendars and diaries.

The other big thing at the moment is planning and organising my 30th birthday party.

No one else would probably dream of it as I can be a control freak I’ll be the first to admit. But hopefully this will enable me to continue the balance of home, work and a consistent social stream.

I’ve decided on an Alice in Wonderland theme and that means I will be spending the next few weeks designing and making decorations. Luckily the owner of the venue we’ve booked is quite amenable and is happy to let us decorate the rooms as we see fit….ideal. I want to create several different areas and also have some games throughout the evening that people can play. I’m an 80’s child so there’ll definitely be an 80’s theme as far as the music goes, along with songs right through to now.

I guess that’s my cue to wrap up and get started on the whole thing! I’ll be posting updates as and when I create things.



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