2014 Resolutions and Solutions

So here I am. I have survived another year and moved onto the next. I spent the majority of last year on a journey of self discovery, something I hope to continue into 2014. I learned that I had a lot of negativity in my life. As well as confronting my past to move forward I began unpicking what was making me miserable and found that it included a number of objects, places and people.

I’ve set myself three goals for 2014 which yes cover a huge range of issues and topics, but if I remember what I’m trying to achieve then I will. do. it.


Me at the Eden Project August 2012

1. Engage

The Internet is the route of all good and bad. Let me explain. I’m not a technophobe, I embrace new technology but sometimes what comes with it can hinder ones ability. Facebook is a prime example. For me personally it serves as a constant reminder of the things I haven’t (yet) achieved. The nice house, the degree level education, the perfect children, in-laws, the nuclear family. It makes me depressed, I’ve recognised this and acted. Twitter on the other hand I use possibly for all the reasons facebook was created and is used for by others. It allows me to connect with new people and engage in conversation. I can keep up to date with local issues quite easily. It also allows me to be on the pulse when it comes to my interests and concerns. I’m happy with twitter and it will stay.

I also want to engage with the community. It was a big part of why we chose to move to Ramsbottom, and yet we hardly know a soul. Actually that’s not exactly true. I’m a firm believer in knowing your neighbours to some extent. I will always help others and there is so much to benefit from if you do more that the simple nod or wave.

I know most neighbours around our house from talking to them, foraging with them but I want to do more. This year I want to do more for our street, starting by actively involving others to get together and work on projects to improve our area not simply relying on the council and their dwindling budget.


My name card from a colleagues Wedding 2013.


2. Enable

I plan on massive improvements to my own wellbeing. Starting with learning new skills both professionally and personally. I really want to accompany myself singing. I’d also like to develop my voice to eventually do some singing and recording on youtube, just as a hobby. I can’t afford both. So I need to choose to either pay for singing or piano tuition and do the other via free lessons on youtube. Why pay for one? As much as you can learn via youtube, you can only go over your mistakes so often on your own. It does sometimes help to have someone else point it out.

I’m going to build on running that I started last year and increase my level of fitness together with my partner and our ever patience and loyal dog.

I’d also like to expand my cooking and baking knowledge, potentially embarking on a sugarcraft course so I can bake cakes and decorate them well.


David’s nana on her birthday last year with the cake I made, feeling sheepish as we sang ‘Happy Birthday”

Professionally I am going to build on my organisational skills, I’m enrolling on a microsoft office specialist course to improve my overall it skills. I also plan on doing a typing and organisational qualification that will further my vocational skills and hopefully allow me to move forward with my career.

3. Enterprise

This year I want to start creating art again. I’ve bought a huge ikea desk which is currently sat in the living room. Today I plan on sorting through all my unfinished projects and working out a plan to finish them and start a fresh. I hope to open an Etsy store at some point. For now though just blogging regularly is going to be a challenge.


Ice cream in Charlestown, Cornwall 2012

It’s Sunday and thats the dog’s day. Were off for a hike up Scout Moor, which is where the local wind turbines live.


Enable myself with new skills to Engage with others and continue to help others via Enterprise, be that my own or someone elses.



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